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Steam Locomotives

Please note that for the purposes of this page, 'In service' is a general term indicating that the locomotives are not undergoing major repair and are normally available for service. They may not be in service on any specific day because of minor repairs, boiler washouts, not required, etc. Occasionally they may even be on short term loan elsewhere.

Countess of Warwick - 1700 Wissington

In service


Countess of Warwick Class 0-6-0ST Wissington Owned by M&GN JRS. Wissington is currently away on loan.

7F - 53809 S&DJR

Undergoing repairs


Courtesy of John Moorhouse and 13809 Preservation Society. The S&DJR 7F class locomotive one of only two examples remaining in preservation has joined our Home Fleet for the foreseeable.

GNR N2 0-6-2T - 1744

In service


N2 1744 is at the North Norfolk Railway for a three-year period courtesy of The Gresley Society. The N2 will be taken out of service at the end of November for a ten-yearly overhaul.

LNER B12 - 8572

In service


The B12 in the M&GN societies flagship locomotive. It was built in 1928 to a Great Eastern design, for express passenger services in East Anglia. It was preserved by the M&GN society in 1963. The engine is currently in LNER apple green livery. For more detailed information consult the B12 page on the M&GN Society website. Visiting the Great Central and Severn Valley Railways. Due to return in March 2018. Photograph copyright David Ballard

BR 4MT 2-6-0 - 76084

Undergoing repairs


76084 was built at Horwich in 1957, as part of an order for British Railways. The engine spent its working life in the North West, initially shedded at Darwen, before moving round and finishing up at Wigan, from where the engine went to Barry scrapyard.

Saved from Barry, the engine was preserved in a garden until moving to Northumberland under the care of Standard 4 Locomotive Group website.

Photo Copyright

LNER Y7 0-4-0T - 985

Off site on loan


The Y7 was built in 1923 as a dock shunting locomotive, hence the small wheelbase to allow for tight curves. The engine worked for the LNER, followed by British Railways until 1952, when it was sold to the National Coal Board.

This loco is currently based at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway

Photograph copyright Steph Granger.

GER Y14 0-6-0 - 564

In service


The Y14 was built at Stratford in 1912 for use on pick-up goods and branch passenger trains across the Great Eastern Railway network. The engine survived until dieselisation, when it was preserved by the M&GN society. It ran for a while in the guise of a J15 locomotive, however an overhaul by the M&GN Society which cost more than 350,000 has seen it return to service in a condition closely matching that as when it entered service as built by the Great Eastern Railway.

For more detailed information consult the Y14/J15 page on the M&GN Society website.

Photo Copyright Bryan Toovey.

0-6-0ST - 1982 Ring Haw

In service


Ring Haw is a Hunslet saddle tank, built in Leeds in 1940 for use at Nassington Quarry. It spent its entire working life at the quarry before moving to the NNR in 1970.

The locomotive is owned by the NNR, and is currently in lined green livery.

Ring Haw will be away on hire to the Spa Valley Railway during 2019.

Photograph copyright David Ballard.

BR 9F 2-10-0 - 92203 Black Prince

In service


92203 was built in 1959 by British Railways, and allocated to heavy iron ore trains on Merseyside. The engine was withdrawn in 1967 and purchased by David Shepherd, who named the locomotive Black Prince.

92203, Black Prince was purchased by The North Norfolk Railway in 2015 and has recently undergone a period of extensive works.

Photograph copyright.

WD 2-10-0 - 90775

In service


WD 90775 was built at Glasgow in 1943 as part of an order for the Ministry of Supply. The engine from new was sent abroad to work, and never worked for British Railways. The locomotive was repatriated for preservation in 1984, and has been working on the NNR since 2003. It was purchased by the M&GN society in 2006.

90775 has recently completed a major overhaul undertaken in house and is now once again back on the NNR metals undertaking regular service trains.

The Locomotive is numbered 90775, as the last British Railways engine of the same design was numbered 90774 and was named The Royal Norfolk Regiment in September 2017.

For more detailed information consult the WD page on the M&GN Society website.

Photograph copyright Ben Boggis.